Puff Pastry With Olive Paste

Puff Pastry With Olive Paste

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23 Mart 2013

895 kez incelendi.

Materials :

6 pcs puff pastry dough
3 pcs tablespoon olive paste
2 pcs eggs

puff pastry with olive paste

puff pastry with olive paste

Preparation :

First of all, we rides olive paste and eggs on puff pastry dough. Later, you fold of the second puff pastry dough on top of the first doughs. Cut the puff pastry dough width of a finger and curl. And then, you apply this process to other puff pastry doughs. When it finished, you rides to eggs yolk on the puff pastry dough. Then, all of align on the baking tray. Them put in the oven. You wait to golden brown on top the doughs. The doughs golden brown, you can service them. BON APPETIT !


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